Arnold Creative Communication is a digital communication agency delivering tailored services and social media consultancy across advertising, media relations, branding content.

Over the years, our professionalism and authenticity enabled us to build a
strong reputation between our loyalty clients.

The agency offers the most comprehensive and tailored services, aiming at increasing brand awareness, boosting online traffic and create social media engagement.


  • Advertising
  • Media communication
  • Lookbook
  • Social media posting end copy
  • Digital strategy

Mattia Ferrari, born in Venice, Italy on February 18th 1992, is the founder of Arnold Creative Communcation.

“He has always been into art and fashion since he was a kid”, the mom remembers him as a child, when he used to draw clothes sketches at the age of five and styling her when shopping.

Mattia has always felt the need to travel with his own financial savings and get out of the comfort zone to explore the world.  Curiosity and self-discover developed at a very early stage in his life, success at such a young age is the result as a consequence of the excitement.

After having spent his childhood in Venice until 16 years old, Mattia decided to explore the world and moved to Los Angeles. Two years later,  moved back to Italy to complete the high school diploma and finally to New York to practice experience.

The natural empathy and ability at engaging with people, had him involved in many situations where he was able to build relationships with celebrities and people in the fashion industry.

Must say that fashion has always been his passion, highly developed  through creativity during his own experience.

Once turned 22 years old, Mattia gathered all his connections made around the world and started his own communication agency in London: Arnold Creative Communication.

Mattia Ferrai, Founder

“Each of my project hides a different story and most of the time it is related to some of my personal experience. I like to express myself through stories, like a singer with songs or a designer with collections. I always begin by impersonate myself into projects and get inspired to create a whole mood according to what the brand wants to promote. I like the idea of communicating a product by a message that also belongs to my personal experience; it makes me feel completely part of it. Like an actor that puts personal emotions onto a script. “

Art Direction opened doors and enhanced his trustworthy and professional reputation to work with the most important brands in the fashion industry: Bulgari, Moschino, Versace, Chopard, Zadig&Voltaire, H&M, Messika, Ermanno Scervino and been featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan and Vogue Mexico.

The professionalism and strong determination, brought very soon this young mind to the road of success, recognizing him as the mind behind many fashion advertising and magazine editorials.

“I am lucky, because the brands I work with are all diverse and own different identities, so I get to be very chameleonic and think differently about each story. In a digital era where everything gets old at the speed of light and everyone gets bored so easily, my job is to constantly help brands to keep their customers engaged and active about the latest products. All my stories need to be innovative and unexpected, yet commercial that makes the brand sell, but at the same time edgy and fashion. Not easy! “

The focus needs to be on brands’ benefits and customers’ satisfaction from the beginning to the end.
Every client is different and with a specific view, each project needs to be customized according to their needs.

“ What I love about my new clients is that they all have different way to approach me and they all expet something exclusive, each project is always something new, a new challenge. I like to create the one of a kind project! When it comes to celebrities I see a lot of very talented upcoming models, and some of them are very close friends of mine”

Every day is a journey with new challenges to overcome. It takes a lot of courage and determination to achieve goals, only you have the ability to shape your life and focus on where you want to be. Failing is simply the opportunity to start again. Life is powerful, yet unexpected and you must embrace it without fear. Be gentle with yourself and always be sorrounded by inspiring people.

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“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work”.

Colin Powell